2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Monday, December 31, 2007


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Things have been nice in our neck of the woods. Beautiful weather today. Going out to play on the beach in just a bit. Might top out around 70 degrees or so here.

Training wise things have been going very good. Lifting for the past two months and feeling very strong. Working on the track for the past month and it is still a ridiculously hard workout but every time out there I am feeling stronger and stronger. No ball work with Phil yet as he has been in Florida for the past several weeks. I expect we will start up in the next week or two though.

Off to watch some bowl games.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eagles win 10-6!

My son was very happy!! We had a great time going to the game and I have to give a huge thank you to Ryan Morgan and #20 Alan Ball from the Cowboys for hooking us up with those tickets.

We flew out early Sunday morning (6am) on a direct flight from SB to Dallas. I got my son up at 4:30 and he didn't sleep on the plane until at least 1 hour into the 3 hour flight. He was so jacked to be flying and going to an Eagles football game. We got into Dallas around 11am, checked into our hotel and went over to the stadium. Everything was within about 10 miles so it was pretty easy getting from one spot to the next. We did have to park about a mile away but it was a fun walk with all the tailgaters going strong and basically being stupid drunk. Funny for Nate and I at any rate. Surprisingly, there were a lot of Eagle fans there.

We ended up sitting in the endzone seats but lower section. Got to see the one touchdown at reasonably close range at least. Wish the game could have been an offensive explosion but Nate was just happy his Eagles won. Romo was pretty darn bad. Couldn't believe how many throws he made to wide open guys that were not even close to the receiver. I don't buy into the "its because his chick was there and happens to be very famous herself." Don't care either way though.

Trip home was uneventful and easy through Phoenix. Got home late afternoon on Monday. Of course now my son wants to go to Denver to see a game. I told him only in the early part of the season unless we are in the skybox or something. To cold to sit for 4 hours. Probably be writing a similar email next year in October from Denver.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cowboys vs. Eagles

Been off the blog scene for awhile. Busy and don't have anything current to go with. Figured I share this weekend though.

Nate, my son, and I will be going to Big D tomorrow to watch the Cowboys take on the Eagles. My son is a big Eagles fan and that is the closest they come to Santa Barbara. At least in the latter part of the season. We are flying out oh bright and early tomorrow on a direct flight from SB to Dallas. Check into the hotel and then on to the Stadium. I can't say that I hold any true love for either team. I don't hate 'em but don't love 'em either. My son is 6 years old and loves football. His favorite channel on the Dish is 154. That would be the NFL Network for those of you who do not know. Choice between Sponge Bob and Football and the pigskin wins it everytime. I love it.

Look for us on the 50 yard line.