2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BLOG Possibilities

Since I am now on break I wanted to let everyone know that I will try and catch up on past blogging particularly from the Olympics. I also wanted to ask all of you if you had anything specific you wanted me to blog about? Figure I would throw that out there and see what you guys want to know more about.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Congrats to John Hyden and Jen Boss for becoming the God and Goddess of the Beach. Both played well and were very deserving.

I believe John did not lose a game in route to his second straight crown. He went 7-0 on the weekend. I was in his second pool and he played very well with me. In my first game I played with Nick Lucena against Rosy and John. I played left and just was not consistant enough siding out to give us a chance. We scored some points but then I would inevitably give a couple up to give them the lead back. We lost 21-18 and 21-14. That put me and Nick in a tough spot to even have the chance to get out of pool. In the next game I played with John and we won 18 and 18. I was back on the right side and sided out okay. I also had a bunch of blocks and felt good up there. In the third game I played with Rosy. We started off strong making plays and were up a couple of points. I gave up a couple though and that started us down hill. We ended up losing in overtime as Nick came up big with a couple of aces at the end of the game. In the second we never got it going at all and they sided out really well. I think the score was 21-16.

It was tough to really get the juices flowing for any of the matches. I played as hard as I could but just did not have it this weekend. Fortunately the season is over and I am pretty sure that everyone including me is happy to see it end. It seemed like one of the longest seasons I have ever played. Now for a break!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Glendale GOB

Sounds strange saying that the God of the Beach is going to be in Glendale and not Vegas. Been a long time since the KOB/GOB was not run in Vegas. I think it was in Florida way back in the early 90's before it moved out to the Hard Rock in Vegas.

As always, there should be some interesting games on both sides. My first match is on Friday night with Nick Lucena vs. still to be determined. I am hoping that it works out where 2 other little guys are in our pool. I think that would be a lot of fun to play in and I think it would be a first.

Should be smoking hot too. I think the high for everyday will be between 100 and 105 degrees. Thank goodness we don't have to play a ton of matches. Last tourney for me and I could not be happier about it. I am ready for that offseason.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$1,000,000 Tourney

The AVP regular season is now over and it ended well for Phil and I. Just as the first AVP tourney started with Phil and I vs. Sean and Nick in Miami, so the last one ended. Fitting book ends for the season.

Manhattan Beach was a 32 team double elimination tourney. One of the few we have had this year. Phil and I for the most part struggled through with flashes of really good play and some not so good play. With the amount of money on the line, teams were really playing with a lot of heart and grit and were taking the losses hard and were stoked on the wins. One good finish and some guys could double their earnings for the year.

Some of the "winners" for the big pay day were Wong/Olson, Fred/Ring, and Prosser/Stolfus. All 3 teams got their biggest payday of the year and finished well ahead of their seed. Obviously you could make the case that Phil and I, Sean and Nick and Casey and Matt all did nicely too. We did, but over the course of the year all 3 of those teams have been pretty consistantly "there." I also thought it was a consistant finish for Dax and Billy but certainly a nice payday for Dax in his last AVP tourney.

Two teams that did much worse than expected were Rosy/Gibb and Loiola/Brazao who finished 9th and 17th respectively.

For Phil and I the first day was a good day to get back in the deep sand. Our first match was against Heagy/Leeseberg. The first game we took it to them from the beginning. The second was closer but we steadily pulled ahead winning 21-11 and 21-15. In our second match on Friday we played Morrison/Tramblie. They played really well. Ty really mixed up his shots and hits well and kept Phil and I off balance. He had some tremendous hits from about 8 feet off the net that surprised us. I didn't think he could bang it that hard from that far off the net. We ended up winning that match 21-16 and 21-16.

On Saturday we played Dax and Billy in our first match. We came out smoking hot in the first game and were up like 11-3 to start the match. It was ugly as everything was going our way. They steadied out from there to the end and we ended up winning 21-12. In the second they played much better. Billy was stuffing my line and Dax was scooping and delivering. They beat us 21-18. In the third it was close to start and then we started to pull away at 9-6 and 12-8. They scored two points in the end but then we closed it out on a long rally, 15-11. We waited all day for our next match vs. Stein and Willy. I think we played our first around 10am and our second at about 5pm. Phil played really well. I was okay at best. We ended up winning 21-15 and 21-14.

On Sunday we played at 12:30 which was nice. I got to watch a little football in the morning. We played the winner of Olson/Wong and Hyden/Keenan. Olson/Wong won in 2 games. We had a battle againsts them and were actually down most of the 1st game. They were playing well and I made some hitting errors that gave them free points. We came back at the very end and pulled out the first game, 23-21. In the second it was a battle. They were up the sideout 17-16 when Wong had to call a medical as his hamstrings were cramping. When we all came out, they were good and we were bad despite Wong's cramping. They won 21-18. In the third Kevin struggled and we went up 4-1 and 8-2. At 10-2 Wong called it a day and retired.

In the finals against Sean and Nick we played a pretty good game. We won 21-16 and 21-16 but I would say that the games were closer than that. It did seem as though we were up most of the time but that they were always right there. They had some good point chances but were unable to convert. If they had, I think the match would have been much tighter. I think both teams were mentally weary. Fired up to try and win $100,000 and a plaque on the pier, but mentally and physically drained after a long season. I have been impressed with Nick and Sean's consistancy. They have been in the top three 11 out of 17 events with really only 2 poorer finishes. Those finishes were a 7th and a 9th. I know they both would have much rather taken a couple of 1st place finishes rather than 6 second place finishes but I still feel they had a tremendous season.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lot O Dough on the Line

Lots of cash on the line this weekend in MB. Hopefully Phil and I will have enough left in the tank to truck all the way through Sunday. Pretty sure we will both be fired up. It's MB after all. Then again, everyone is going to be fired up to win the moolah and the title.

I expect it will be a zoo as always down there. Particularly with the cash prize, MB, and of course this is the last regular tourney of the year. I would think everyone would want to get out to get their last fix of beach volleyball before the season comes to a close. Where better to do that than at the granddaddy. See you all down there.

Monday, September 15, 2008

San Francisco Silver

Wish I could say San Francisco Treat but Jake and Rosy were the ones who got the treat this weekend. We lost to them 15-13 in the third game. Hard fought battle all the way through.

The tourney was only a 12 team tourney so the top 4 seeds received bye's in the first round. We played the winner of Dax/Billy vs. Jose/Pedro. Jose and Pedro won in 2 close games. We played them on a rather chilly day. The SF wind was in full force. We were fortunate that the sun came out from the fog for a couple of hours while we played. Otherwise it would have been freezing cold. I didn't take my shirt off at all for that match. Phil and I won in 2 games that were not really close. I think the scores were 8 and 13. We played well and they did not.

That was our only game on Friday. On Saturday we had only one game if we won it and we did. We played Brad and John and beat them in 2 games. The first was close as we won by 2 points. The second we scored a lot of points and ran away with it like 21-12 or something like that. The first game we were up a bunch of points but then I shot the ball a few too many times and John was on it and converted them. We pulled it out in the end though. Saturday was a pretty nice day too.

On Sunday we played 2 matches in fantastic weather for SF. The fog burned off early and the wind was present but not terrible. Our first match was against Stein and Willy. Both of the games were tightly contested. The first we were up and they made a late run to get back in the game. We pulled it out with a sideout and won 21-19. In the second, they were up a bit as Willy stuffed Phil a couple of times and they were serving pretty tough. We came back though and were able to score a real one for the game and 21-19 win.

In the finals we played Jake and Rosy. In the first game Phil pretty much served them off the court. He had a lot of aces but also caused havoc on their passing. I think the score was like 12 or 13. In the 2nd game we were down a bit and came back but Rosy sided out for the game 21-19. In the third game I had a lot of scoops but no putaways and that was really the game. If I had put those balls away then we would have had a comfortable lead. I did not and they won with a Jake Gibb sideout, 15-13. Congrats to them and on to the Grandaddy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

AVP San Francisco, Sept. 12-14

Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser are currently competing in the
Men's $200,000 AVP Crocs Tour San Francisco Open presented by Fuze Beverage Part of the AVP Crocs Cup Shootout presented by Bud Light - September 12-14, 2008.

- Top 12 Teams - Men's & Women's
- Double Elimination
- Top 4 Teams get a first round bye
- TOTAL of 21 Matches - Men & Women

Ticket Discount Code here: VWW (save $5-$10 on GA tickets)

You can keep up with their match scores Here: AVP

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comeback City

That would be in the city of Santa Barbara. Crazy comeback. Phil was awesome in the end after I just about petered out. By the way, if you have posted in the past month I have pretty much caught up with answering them. I have only 2 more to go and those are the 2 big ones. Will get on them though.

Always sweet just to play in SB much less win it. We played great all weekend. We beat Aaron and Scott 11 and 18 in our first match. Then we took down Ed and Ryan in our second one 15 and 16 or so. In our last match on Saturday we played Dax and Billy. Really good game on center court. They won the first 28-26. Billy was hitting really well and blocked solidly too. Dax was banging and using craft to sideout. The second was tight until right at the end when we won 21-16. The third was even up to about 6 and then we scored a bunch of points to finish 15-8.

Center Court was the most packed I have played on in a long time. Think an inch of sand on an indoor court and you have what we were playing on. Great for jumping but horrible for the body. I woke up Sunday morning and was soar as all hell. Give me the deep stuff any day over that packed garbage. I say move SB to East Beach where the sand is friendly.

Today we played 2 matches. Our first was against Jake and Rosy. It was a good match. The first went into overtime. I had a chance to win it and hit a weak line hit that Jake stuffed. We pulled it out though. The second was really tight as well. In the end we scored a couple of points and Phil stuffed Jake for match 21-18.

In the finals we played John and Brad. They have been knocking on the door all year long. They have played in 3 finals, all of them against us, and have been very very close in 2 of them. This one they probably should have won. We split the first 2 games. They were good games with back and forth action. Brad was getting up pretty big on the hard pack but of course so was Phil. The third game was the barn burner though. Came out and was down 9-4. Started off okay at 3-2 but then it went down hill quickly. In the end it was 9-14. I sided out with a chop shot down the line. Then Phil went back to serve. He kept it in at John. Brad gave him a tight set that Phil blocked. Controversial as John felt that Phil hit the ball first. I asked Phil and he said he though it was at about the same time. So we switch to the bad side down 14-11. The next one goes to John. It was a good pass, good set, but Phil stuffed it anyways. The next one went to Brad. Shaky pass and a tight set and Brad hit it out. The next one went to Brad and it was again a shaky pass and tight set and Phil was all over it. That tied it at 14 all. The next one Phil swatted Brad on a line shot on a tight set to put us up one. We traded a couple of sideouts and then I dug Brad in the angle. The ball went past the endline and Phil chased it down. I gave John a high free ball so that Phil could get back to the net. He proceeded to stuff John for the match and the win it 20-18. Pretty darn amazing and a great feeling for Phil and I.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SB Weekend

Sorry everyone. Been swamped. That will pretty much be my standard line for the next month or so. I have a lot to catch up with and will do so as I can. Have a lot I want to share about the Olympics, Cincinnati, Oprah and what not.

Really looking forward to this weekend in Santa Barbara. So nice to play an event and sleep in my own bed. Get to hang out with my family and friends at the beach. Does it get any better than that? Lots of stuff going on during the event for Phil and I. Plus a little retirement party for Dax too. Make sure if you see him this weekend you wish him Happy Birthday. (He turned 36 and yes I am trying to throw him under the bus! What are friends for if not that?)

Should be a blast. Hope to blog again soon. :)