2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surgery Update

Had surgery yesterday, Friday. Doctor said it went quite well. Was exactly what the MRI said, a torn miniscus. No damage to the ligaments etc... Was able to immediately put weight on my knee which I could not do before surgery. Taking it easy this weekend. Ice and rest and then Monday I will start up with Rehab. Big thanks to Dr. Gallivan who did my surgery. Only time will tell how things are but so far so good.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Injury in Aland

As most people already know, I injured my knee in Finland. Up to that point we had been playing quite well. We were in control of the finals match up 18-15 after I sided out and felt the tweak in my knee. Bummer but it happens.

I have actually had a slight tear in my miniscus for about 3 months now. Has been a pain in the arse, especially over the 6 weeks in a row we had, but got through with decent results. Felt great in Aland after that week off but in the finals it was bugging me and was quite stiff.

My season is done for the year as I will have surgery on Friday to repair the miniscus. Had a second MRI yesterday and saw the doctor to confirm that their is no other damage to the knee. The MRI came out with a healthy ACL, PCL, MCL etc... Their was further damage to the medial miniscus though which is why it hurt so damn much more than the little tear I had before. Good news considering an ACL would have put me back for 6 months and this should only put me out for a month or so. I was going to have surgery next week after the Netherlands anyways so now I am going a week earlier. Works out alright as I would have taken several weeks off from training to give my body some badly needed rest. Now it will just come a month earlier than planned and I start lifting and training in earnest when I normally start doing so in November.

That is the scoop.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Austria and before and after

I was reminded by my friend Tom, the announcer in Austria, that I have been a bit lax in blogging. He is certainly right and I thank him for smacking me around and getting my head on straight. :) J/K.

Austria was as always, simply amazing. I have been there 9 out of 10 years or something like that and I am still amazed everytime I go. If every event were like that I'd try to play forever. But, they aren't so I won't. We didn't win the gold but took the bronze. Lost a tough one in the semis to Ricardo/Pedro. Had a very good game vs. Jake and Rosy. Really fun rallies. Always seems like that vs. them.

Before that we had won the previous 2 events in Stare Jablonki, Poland and Quebec, Canada. Poland is another spot similar to Austria. Little bit colder this year with some rain but still very nice in my book. Quebec was the best first time event I have ever been too. Promoter did a great job and the fans were great.

This season has been a tale of several mini seasons. 1st 3 events we were on top of our game winning the first 2 and taking second in the 3rd one to Alison and Emanuel. That was season #1. Then Phil sprained his ankle in Beijing and we had to forfeit and take a 5th. The following week at the WC in Rome we took a 9th and 2 weeks later we lost to Reckermann and Brink and took a 5th. That was season #2. Then in Switzerland we took a 2nd to Alison/Emanuel but beat Reckermann and Brink in the semis in a very good game. In Russia we took a 3rd. Then as you know we took 1st in Quebec in a bit of a watered down tourney and Poland with a full field and then 3rd in Austria. That was season #3. We have 2 more weekends in Finland and the Netherlands and hopefully we can continue with season #3 and maybe win 1 or 2. Hasn't been the season we were hoping for but not much we can do about a sprained ankle and other issues. It is what it is. I also believe that the teams keep getting better and better. Alison and Emanuel are playing the best on tour this year and Reckermann and Brink have both been healthy. Little mix up in the Brazilian ranks but whoever plays with Ricardo is going to be in the mix. The Polish guys are coming on really strong and the young Russians and Italians are always a threat. Bella and Patrick from Switzerland are contending to win tourneys. Of course you can't forget the rest of the Germans or our American compatriots either. The tour is deeper and stronger and is only going to get more so for next year. Good reason to open it up a bit but that is another conversation for another day.