2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Barefoot in Miami

I was in Miami for a couple of days this weekend to do some promotional stuff for Barefoot Wine. Great company by the way. I was supposed to play but obviously the injury kept me out. Thanks to Nick Lucena for playing with Phil for me. I know it was a pain in the butt for him to play with the big bald guy but I sure appreciate it. :) Good luck to them this weekend.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Quick in and out trip to Cincinnati to do a clinic with Karch. Went great thanks to the help of Jeff Conover (coach of April and Jen), Mark Van Zwieten and Olaya Pazo (I think it was her?) Super hot in Cincinnati by the way. Sweatin' up a storm. Good to see a lot of people I have not seen in awhile too. Bob, Mario, Dale and more.
Going to Miami this weekend. A little bit longer trip though. I'll be there from Thursday until Saturday if all goes as planned.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Youth Clinic by Todd Rogers and Karch Kiraly, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 3rd

Some details on the Youth Clinic Todd mentioned in his previous post :
Saturday, September 3rd:
•Men's & Women's Main Draw Continues
•Day Session runs 10:30a-5p
Approximately 2PM - Youth Clinic Presented by Spalding Featuring Gold Medalists Todd Rogers and Karch Kiraly (included in the price of admission for all kids ages 8-18)
•Night Session runs 6-10:30pm
•Approximately 7:30PM - Kelley James Free Concert Presented by Corona Light Featuring recording artist Kelley James (included in the price of session admission)
•Saturday Tickets $20 per session
Hahana Beach, 7605 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45227, 513-272-1990

Thanks and Update

I am sure this will never get to them but I would like to thank all the people that offered to help me as I wandered through the various Euro airports in my trek from Finland back to Santa Barbara when I was injured. Many a person asked how they could help me, get me some water, and even a beer. Although they will probably never read this, I really appreciated all the offers of help. It also assures me that there are lots of people out there with good hearts who will offer up random acts of kindness.
Rehab is going very well. Walking almost without a limp and very happy about that. Helping out with my kids soccer teams and volleyball team and still able to get around pretty decently to show the kids who to do some of the skills. Nothing to gnarly but at least the easy ones.
I will be in Cincinnati doing a kids clinic with Karch tomorrow, Saturday. If you are around that area, come by Hahana beach park and say hello.