2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Charleston 2nd

Phil and I were back in the finals but didn't finish how we really would have liked too. We lost to Stein and Lambert in the finals in two games with scores of 19 and 15.

In the crossover semis we beat Keenan/Hyden who had beat Rosy/Gibb in the 5th place match. That game was a battle as we beat them 21-18, 18-21, 16-14. I had a sideout for game but Brad stuffed me. They played really well, particularly Brad. He was siding out exceptionally well and very consistently. Something he hasn't always done. Hyden was his usual very good self. We were fortunate to sneak by them.

In the finals we basically got beat. They played better than us, created all the breaks, and had a little help from me. I hit 3 balls out in a row on wide open line hits/shots. Two of the hits were out by an inch and felt good. They played really good. I was impressed by them. They were very aggressive and went after it. Congrats to both of them.

To touch on some of the other teams:
Hyden/Keenan had a great tourney after losing in the second round to Casey/Willy. Travelled all the way through the losers to take a 3rd. Impressive.
Casey/Willy lost to Jake and Rosy and then travelled through the losers from 9th to 3rd. What made it all the more impressive is that Willy sprained his ankle pretty badly in the 7th place game. I saw the ankle, it was nasty. Large and purple/blue all over the outside part of it. Nice gutty finish by them.
Jake/Rosy took a 5th. Not what they wanted I am sure but redemption and a more important tourney is right around the corner.
KK and Wong took a 5th too. I think the hard pack took a toll on KK's body. I know it took a toll on mine so I can only imagine what he must have been feeling like.

Charleston gets a grade A on everything but sand quality. That was an F-. That brings the overall tourney to a B tourney. I am a tough grader. If the sand was good, and I expect it will be next year, this tourney will rock!!


Anonymous said...


It is quite a gesture on your part, as well as Phil, to boost the confidence of your key opponents with a bone or two heading into the Olympic qualifying process. Yourself, Phil, Lambo & Steino, Jake & Rosie... You guys are all super special tandems and will represent the USA in a remarkable fashion this year on the FIVB. GOOD LUCK!

You and Phil are very impressive regardless of your last finishes.
Putting a scoring run together against a team like Stein and Lambo, as you did down 13-17, is remarkable. Game 1 could easily have been yours. Bad subjective calls on sets late in a game don't help.

There is always Paris. Lets take some green off the podium.

My guess is the powers that be when it comes to choosing sand for individual events are clueless, and I suggest that you give them the knowledge you have gained about sand during the process of building your own court at home....

umassjsp said...

Without getting personal I have a question on the prize money. Say I was to win $5000 at an event. Does the check come from the promoter of that event or the AVP? Does the AVP take a percentage or are you guys like contractors and you take care of your own health/dental/taxes/retirement(401K)? I have seen some storie on boxers who have huge paydays but after Don King and the boxing organizations take there cut they are left with less than half....thanks. Scott from Cape Cod

Anonymous said...

i would think that the avp should have a specification for the sand to be used at their events. also a minimum depth too. if not they should. would it have helped if they roto-tilled it? i played in a few events in the 90's and where the sand was packed they had a small tractor roto-till the sand about a foot deep and fluff it out some. the avp could also spec out a some sort of drainage system, like an underlaying "fabric" that would drain the water off to the sides. anyway, good luck in europe.

Anonymous said...

I say that the AVP should hire George Toma the great NFL Field Maintence Man. This guy knows his stuff.

Garret said...

The powers that be and the players should decide on which sand to use at all of the parking lot and shopping center events at the beginning of the season...or are the logistics so difficult in getting the sand to each venue.
Good luck in the FIVB events!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the show in Charleston. A couple of less "wide-line shots" here, a few more "in-serves" there, and an up-ref who can count to four would have been all the difference in the world (just kidding).
Your play is so great when you are on the point at hand and not the last. Best of luck in Paris.

Next time you're in a fix getting into SB you might try Salt Lake City, they have a couple direct flights.

Go Gouchos


Todd Rogers said...

I have given the powers that be my take on the sand and what works and does not work. They must have had their earmuffs on that day.

Scott- Money won on the AVP comes from the AVP regardless of how much it is. Same on the FIVB. They do not take a percentage. You sign up for $50 bucks per tourney and that is what they take. So if I play in 18 events this year it would cost me $900. We take care of our insurance ect...

The did till up the sand again and again. The problem was the sand was not very good and the drainage was non-existent. On Center court they had even turned up the plastic underneath so the water had nowhere to go. The way to do it is to lay a foot of gravel down, a permeable membrane of some sort, and then the sand on top of the membrane. Make sure the water has a place to go outside the court and you are good to go.

Jeff- Thanks for the info. I think the Salt Lake flights are all on Delta and I have not been flying them. Mostly United and American and their affiliates.