2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Slacking and Fingers

I have to apologize for slacking big time in getting any kind of blog out. I have had a lot going on this week and it had to take a back seat to a lot of things. I am on the road now and will be able to keep up on it.

First thing I want to do is to apologize to the heckler in Atlanta and any fans who may have witnessed my inappropriate behavior when I flipped off the heckler. It was not done in anger, it was done flippantly. Wrong place and wrong time though and I hope there were not any kids that saw that. I know I would be pissed off if my kids saw that and I apologize to any kids and the parents of kids that were there.

It has been a long last 7 days. Atlanta was hot but did not live up to the Hotlanta moniker. Phil and I started off well against Canyon and Chad Turner. We beat them in two games although the second game was a barn burner, 22-20. In the quarters we played Casey and Mark and they were kind of testy but we were able to handle them despite Mark stuffing me 3 times in the beginning of the 1st game. I think the scores were 17 and 18 or so.

We got the rematch we wanted when KK and Wong beat Dax and Jeff. We lost to them in Tampa and really wanted to play them again. We played better and won in two 17 and 18. They played well though. Karch got a gaggle of digs again and Wong was solid. Phil and I just were a bit better than last time and more focused on what we wanted to accomplish.

In the crossover semis we lost to Jake and Rosy 21-19 and 21-19. They had lost to Stein and Lambo in the winners semis. They went on to avenge that lost in a barn burner of a finals, 15-13 in the third. They played very well against us as we could not seem to turn the tide. It was frustrating. Sean had some great digs and Jake was his usual consistent self. Congrats to them on a second consecutive victory.

My travel home was really fun. :) I went to the airport at 3:30 trying to get on an earlier flight. Everything was sold out on one leg or another and I ended up taking my original flight at 10pm. Yes, I was at the airport for 6 1/2 hours doing a whole lot of nothing but killing time. I did fly first class from Atlanta to Vegas but first class on USAIR is like a glorified coach class on any of the major airlines. Was not impressed. Had a couple of glasses of vino and then was able to sleep for an hour or two. Of course my flight to SB was cancelled due to a crash on the runway in SB. I needed to get home though for a couple of reasons. One, I was meeting my buddy at 7am and putting in the sand in my sand court. Secondly, I leave for 18 days and didn't want to miss any moment with my family. Thirdly, I really did not want to stay in Vegas. Not my type of city unless my wife is there and I have a specific purpose to be there.

For the second time this year, I hopped in a rental and drove home. Took me 4 1/2 hours to reach the SB airport and then another 30 minutes or so to get home in my car. I got home around 6:30am and my buddy showed up just before 7am. Slugged down 2 mugs of coffee and started cleaning things up for when the sand got there. By 6pm we were all done. Only 2 Red Bulls and 2 beers later. Pretty good for only 1 1/2 hours sleep the night before. The court looks great though. Just have to set the net up and then do the landscaping and some other little knick knacks. Really looking forward to using the court.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been checking periodically and I'm glad your post is up. (I'm kinda addicted to it as a more "real" alternative to the stuff on the AVP website.) I watched your semi with Rosie/Gibb at the AVP site today. Rosie was almost error free -- I could hardly believe it. It looked like you were struggling a bit against Gibb. I don't remember seeing you get blocked so much. I couldn't really tell how much of that was due to Phil's setting. I hope you get back to your winning ways this week.

I also appreciate your apology about your "gesture" because I think those kind of things do have an impact on people.

Best of luck in Charleston...Maybe we can start a little fund for a private jet for you so you don't keep having all these travel horror stories :)

Dave in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hey TJ,

Think you can get a picture or two of the Volleyball court posted on your homepage once it is all done. It would be cool to see. Look for a sponsor with a private jet.... = ) that might help with the air travel!

It seems to me that you do better time on the International flights than you do on the domestic flights. Leave it to the US carriers to get everything whacky.

GL this weekend.


wh said...

Hi Todd,

I have noticed that some players video tape other players'/teams' matches and was wondering whether you use videotape in your preparation to play against other teams to pick up tendencies, weaknesses, strengths etc. Do you think it would be worthwhile? Thanks for your insights.

Anonymous said...


Suggest to Leonard that you need an airline to sponsor the AVP. I think Jet Blue has been but you need someone like Southwest who has a larger schedule. Maybe Hilton can help out in that realm.

I don't know how you can handle the grind. Maybe if you lived near LAX it would be possible, but most people don't know how remote Solvang is.

Anyways, good luck in Charleston. They have great seafood there. I particularly like Hank’s Seafood, The Ferry Terminal Restaurant, and Coast Seafood Restaurant.

Steve from Huntington Beach...a guy who travels a lot.

Todd Rogers said...

Dave- Thanks. So far so good in Charleston.

Deano- Good idea. I will do that once I get the net up. That sponsor would be you in a couple of years right? :)

WH- Video is great. Phil and I have not done any video yet this year on the AVP. We did some last year but the truth is we feel pretty comfortable as to what the other teams on the AVP are going to do. The FIVB is another story. We don't get to see them very much so video is huge and USAV is providing content for that.

Steve- I agree with you on the travel and living in Solvang. LAX is much easier to get to then SB or Santa Maria. I love my home though and really don't want to move. I suffer a little extra when I travel but I think it is worth it.