2008 Olympic Gold Medalists

2008 Olympic Gold Medalists
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Going to Hotlanta and I hope the humidity stays low. Looks like it will be high 80's to low 90's. That is fine. It is when that humidity kicks up that you feel like you are in an oven.

Phil and I look to get back on top this weekend. Had a good week so far so hope to continue into Atlanta.

This is another parking lot event. A little bit different than a normal parking lot though. There is a bunch of cool shopping areas and it is tucked away in a corner area. Don't get me wrong, it is still a parking lot event. If I recall, last year the day sessions were not very well attended. The night sessions were better with Saturday being the best. Hopefully, this being our second year there, we will get a good crowd for all sessions. I will keep my fingers crossed anyways.


umassjsp said...

You should be able to draw more fans than the Atlanta Hawks get. Good luck with the travel this week. I took my wife and kids to Disney in April. We got to the airport in Providence, RI @ 530am and got to our hotel in Anaheim at 3am the next morning. Try traveling with an 8 and 10 yr old that have been up for 24 hours. By the way I was in Solvang in 1996 for a day. Nice place. Isnt Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch up there? Wonder if he has a court. If I see Mr Nancy Kerrigan aka Jerry Solomon walking around Boston I will send your regards...Scott from Cape Cod

Anonymous said...


Tough road lately. My question this week is: Are you yourself feeling the pressure of being a player/coach? Do you have another set of eyes watching the games? Do you ever pick Misty and Kerri's minds?

Just keeping pushing my friend. I know you know that the season is long and filled with peaks and valleys.

Arsenal 12

Anonymous said...

We want to hear about Atlanta! Rumour is you gave some hecklers the double-bird!!!! AWESOME!!!!

I think PD is getting sick of you, however. Good thing for him, he can pick up any one of about 4 different guys and dominate the AVP field.

Not so good for you, though, my friend.

umassjsp said...

Maybe Todd had more travel snafus and still isnt home yet from the ATL. Or he could have stayed in Atlanta to check out Michael Vick's dog fighting league. I have actually seen some AVP action here on Fox Sports New England. I still hate the small court but enjoy the size of the gals micro-kinis. Kerri might want to go up 1 size on the bottoms. Looking forward to Todd's next post. I just finished a book by an NBA journeyman named Paul Shirley who took a collection of his blogs while getting cut by 11 pro basketball teams and turned them into a best selling book called "Can I Keep My Jersey?". Great read if you are looking...Scott from Cape Cod

Anonymous said...


“Friends” do not point out the obvious especially when it’s negative. “Rumour” has it that your are a Brit? Whew, for a moment I thought it was a fellow Yank. Not to worry, then!